first attempt at a car

im pretty new to blender and this is my first attempt at a 3d model which is of the porsche 918 spyder.


Kinda needs more contrast between light and dark blues to make it a bit more realistic. HDRI maps will help easier to give it a nice realistic atmosphere will help with shading I’m sure. Love the tire wheels for a first time. How hard was it to make the fenders? and how many hours did it take you?

Well for a first attempt this is rather well put together. I do believe though that the main thing that is hurting the rendering of it is the materials and lighting. As BlenderProX mentioned a HDRI as an environment would really help, along with using a nice car metal looking material. Which with the newest principled shader in cycles should be pretty easy to achieve. But here is another quick link I found that is decent for info on how to I hope it helps and again it is looking pretty good for a first attempt. One more thing of advice I would have is references references references, you can never have too many. They will help pinpoint details and different angles you can’t see from just a vector drawing or blueprint.

great work for your 1st attempt! :slight_smile:

Nice first model!

But - there is often a “but”, there are some bad looking creases/bulges/discontinuities down the sides and rear quarters. Maybe you need to up the loops in these areas and sculpt them a little, it would benefit from more vertices to get a smother shape.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Clock.