First attempt at a character model

Hi guys,

This is my current project, I originally was trying to model a young girl for a 3D animated short I want to make in Blender, but as a total newb I’m really struggling. I think the result looks a little older than I wanted and not nearly as cute although it’s not going too badly. I have drawn heavily on various tutorials (especially Jonathan Williamson’s) since this is only my 3rd go at 3D modeling and frankly I didn’t really know WTF to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I think my edgeloops are okay, I just have a few uneven sections in the face (it’s not perfectly smooth all over) which I think are due to 5-poles but could really be anything for all I know lol.

What I would really like is some pro tips on how to make the model look younger and cuter, and any pointers or advice on how to fix things if people see anything that’s obviously wrong in the model.

Also, does anyone know of some good hair tutorials? :smiley:


Oversized eyes = Cute and young.

The thing is, at this stage you may want to work more on this before you can refine it enough to show age. A girl’s age is told by so many factors, body proportions, clothing, makeup (or lack of), hairstyle, and skintone.

Another piece of advice is to do the hair last. I think when you are a noob, there is a desire to move on to the next step to soon, just to see if you can accomplish it. If you need a placeholder for the hair just to show general shape or style, make a mesh “sketch” of want you want it to be later. And get on with the body!

My last comment is to show us the wireframe without subsurf. Can’t critique your edgeflow when it is already being smoothed out by catmull/clark.

Thanks for the advice, I don’t really know what to do with it to refine it though really, I’m pretty stuck with it. I think I will go on and try and make a body (at least get it roughed in) unless you see something that really needs fixing in the head?

I have attached a render without subsurf and a front/side view screengrab from in Blender so you can see more clearly what’s going on. One thing I noticed straight away which I hadn’t until now thanks to subsurf is that there are a lot of “bent” quads in the cheek area. Is this a problem?

Thanks again for taking the time to help a noob :smiley:


This might be of some use for you, looking really good so far but the upper lip looks a little large and you might have a few too many loops in there.

That’s a pretty nice head. Can’t tell if anything is wrong with it. Maybe the back side could be a little bit rounder. But If you are planning to cover it with hair, you won’t see it anyway, I guess.

@Khnum: Thanks for the tutorial link, it’s good.

try to draw references first before modeling, cause anything wrong it will be known before modeling instead of wasting time on modeling and reshaping to your needs, and if you are going animation you really need a story board, or it’ll be a nightmare to animate.

you need to plane before you ACT.