first attempt at a human head

hey blenders

i’m new here, so hello everyone! :slight_smile:
i’ve been learning blender for the last months, doing a lot of tutorials and watching a lot of workshop-dvd’s. now i finally have something to show.

it would be great if you could give me some feedback about the materials (especially the hair). the skin material is based on one from this thread, which was kindly provided there!
i did some modifications and started to add a colormap to the whole skin “calculation”. i’m not very much satisfied with it, because it still looks a lot like plastic to me.

anyway. if someone has any tips on optimizing the hair material, it would be great.
at the moment, a single hair doesn’t really look like a volume and i can’t get the shadows to work on them. --> i would like the hairs to cast light shadows on the skin, so you don’t see the bright parts on top of the head where no hairs “grow”.

also, any other feedback is welcome. it is a piece to learn blender, so please feel free to rip it apart :wink:

render in higher resolution / blend file: head13_hairs5.blend