First attempt at a photorealistic living room

I’ll let the image speak for itself I modelled everything you see and did the light setup. Except the window I used the window mesh addon for that I heard the best way to improve is show others your work so here I am.

Any comments are welcome.

It seems a bit dark - hard to see the details (although maybe realistic - our living room is this dark a lot of the time). The floor seems a bit too shiny - almost wet - I do like the grain a lot.

it looks good so far. The scale of a few objects seem off though. Like the newton’s cradle and the books look huge in relation to the wine glasses. The wood floor material is good, but I don’t think you need to be changing the roughness that drastically since it make the floor look like its wet in some parts. I would also recommend adding more objects to the right side to make the whole scene more balanced.

Thanks, and yes now that you mention it the books themselves look like shelves in their own right. And the wine glasses look like shot glasses.

Is there any way of “accurately telling” cycles what reflections are appropriate? Or do you play with the roughness factors till you find something you like?

I was going to add a surround sound setup and maybe some games consoles like a PS4 (it seems easier to model than an XBOX one :stuck_out_tongue: Its also the console I would have, if I had to have a console.)

I thought I’d share it here though to “iron out the bugs” so to speak.

I’ll post back when I have made the adjustments, thanks for your critique.

what I mean is there are some spots that very clearly show the reflection and others were it is very blurry. With water you would have spots where it is very clear in one spot but blurry in others, whereas wooden floors would have a more uniform look. I think you have a texture plugged into either a mix between the glossy and diffuse or on the roughness of the glossy. The scene might look better if you got rid of it or minimized the effect with something like a colorramp node