First attempt at a realistic scene in cycles

I’ve spent the past few hours putting this together so far with some basic models for the scene. I’m looking for any feedback concerning the materials I’ve created so far anything that I could improve? I apologize if the quality isn’t the best.


Looks like you’re off to a great start. Biggest thing I see, right off, is that the grass seems a bit too thick. The leaves could use a little thinning too.

Without seeing context, it might be harder to mention anything else. Do you have any reference images you’re working from? Learning how to match a reference image with your modeling and your texturing will go a long way to helping you improve!

I was just in a vacation and got a lot of inspiration just from being in the woods might look at some pictures from that see what I have.

Hello !
Personally i like the grass. I’m curions to know how you’ve made the grass. Pleaaaase ! Show us the render node and the particle setting ! :slight_smile:
May be the rock and tree trunk texture are a little bit simple. Are they procedural or image texture based shader ?

Here is the material node, the model, and the layout with the particle system.


Those look more like bushes. Model grass strands and use the particle system to distribute and randomize them.

this one dosnt look like wild grass, more of a home garden one, also just scale it down it quite large, overall the grass shape looks nice but it cannot be used as wild grass, more of a glass used in a pot!! check out this link for a better idea

i had intended on it being more like undergrowth then grass i do have a grass particle system under all of that

I suggest you visit BlenderGuru. Andrew have some really useful tutorial. He have tutorials on how to make realistic textures and set up realistic lightning.