First attempt at a web-site. (Blender used as well)

Hi !

I would like to present you a website i created for my brothers’ recording studio:

It is my first attempt at a website. I learned quite a lot doing that: XHTML/CSS, some PHP/MySQL and even a tiny portion of Javascript. I enjoyed it a lot and I must admit I am quite pleased with the result.

I used Blender for all the animations you’ll find (Intro, the mixing-console, the meters…) and for the design of some of the buttons.

Appart from the pictures where LAFONT is stated and some outdoor pictures, I shot the photos too.

I used Inkscape for the obviously vectorial drawings (like the plans).

I had trouble with Internet Explorer not liking some CSS.
It works best with Opera, Firefox (except in the equipment section when you load the page for the 1st time ???) and Safari.

Can you tell me what you think ? Not that i will change major aspects of it, though…
Maybe the native English speakers can point out some spelling/gramatical problems ?
That would be lovely indeed.

One more point: this is very serious stuff for me and my brothers: please don’t register in the “Quotation Panel” unless you really want to book and pay the €1000+ per day !

Thanks for your time !


Gallery is spelled with two 'L’s.

It’s nice, I’d put a logo at the top above your navigation though. Otherwise, once you’re off the homepage, it’s not easy to work out whaat site you’re on.

wow! that is a cool website…only one thing I think could be better and that is the openingpage, when you comes to it you should be able to click on the animation or something, instead of those tinytiny languages. Apart from that the site is impressingly well done for a first site.

Cool, pretty well done. I agree with polar bear though, the opening page thing, that is.

Nice page. One tip loose the opening page as it serves no practical purpose other to show your animated logo thingy. Don’t get me wrong it is nice but since it does not give any information it is a waste of bandwidth for the purpose of the webpage. Instead link directly to the homepage.

I am with Musk, I see no need for opening pages. I understand that you want to give a choice between French and English. However, I would say set the home page to the language that the majority of your expected audience will use and then provide a button near the top of the page to redirect to the other language. You might also want to look into adding a little French and UK flag next to the language choices to make them more obvious.

Other than that great site. I really dig the animated sound board. The lighted switches are spot on.

Thanks everyone for your reactions !

I’ll try to answer to everyone…
@ LOTRJ: OK. Corrected.
@tb1alexc: I see. Maybe some kind of frame that would be the same for all pages… I’ll think about that.
@The Blender-er and Polarbear: OK.
The site is accessible through .fr and .com domains. Maybe I could redirect the .com to english and the .fr to the french version after 1 cycle of the animation ? What do you think ?
@DichotomyMatt & musk: see above
Thanks for the nice critics on the animations/ buttons. It took me a while to make. My favourite are the meters…

No one found any major horrible spelling or grammatical mistake ?

I just stopped at the logo.

The shadows were dark behind the words. If you choose to keep the logo page, you might want to edit that.

I had a look around and on your quotation page in English the radio buttons are in French, you might want to change that.

The problem I see with the logo is that people with a bad connection will turn away if they have to wait for the animated logo.

I didn’t get past the opening! :frowning: It won’t move for +1 min! U may wanna fix that…On Firefox 3.0.2 if u were wondering. I think it’s new. What did u use to design and publish the site? And what webserver r u using? Ur own?

@ Ropsta: What do you mean with " I just stopped at the logo." ?
It won’t go further by itself if you don’t choose a language ! Click on either “Francais” or “English” to move on…
You are right: the shadows are a bit heavy: I’ll change that (If I find the .blend file that is…:o)

@andrew-101: Ooops ! Nice catch! Corrected.

@musk: The animation is a 176 ko swf animation. To be perfectly honest, the people targetted with this studio work for production companies. 99.95 % of them will be working in a city: I assume they all are connected over ASDL.
Is it really slow ?
I mean, If I clean the cache of my browsers and visit the site I wait about max. 1.5 second for the animation to be ready. And I live at the edge of a forest, lost in the french countryside with a 1Mbits connection.

@blenderman345: same as Ropsta. Choose a language. I should make this more obvious: quite a lot of you dislike the opening page…
I use the latest Firefox too.

What did u use to design and publish the site ?

Hmm, I did everything with the notepad(Notepad++ in fact), no wysiwyg editor at all. As mentioned the graphics are done with Blender, Inkscape, GIMP etc…
I tested it on FF, Opera, IE, and Safari.
The server is not my own. I don’t know what to say about it: it is an internet security company that does some hosting…

EDIT: I made the language choice 15 px tall instead of 10. It should be much easier to spot.

@tb1alexc: I see. Maybe some kind of frame that would be the same for all pages… I’ll think about that.

Nooooooooo! Please, whatever you do, don’t use frames. Seriously. Never. Ever.

Mmmh sorry tb1alexc: i didn’t mean “frame” in the XHTML sense of the word, but rather some kind of common design around the main rectangle that would be common for all the pages.
I know that html-frames are to be avoided…

Cool. Good job done buddy.:eyebrowlift:

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I must say, very nice job for a first website! Though yes, I do agree that a logo is needed on the pages, and it lacks some sort of structure. It looks a bit “put together”. Not exactly sure how to phrase that :wink:

heh, no worries :slight_smile: web designers like me tend not to like XHTML frames (as I think you can tell :wink: )

Good luck with the site!

fuck’en A! I’m impressed that looks bitch’en for your first website