First attempt at ArchViz

I’m doing this architectural rendering for a high school project and I really want to impress my teacher. This is my first attempt at architectural rendering in any software and I just want to know if I’m on the right track. The scene isn’t completely finished yet as I still have to add trees, furniture and clean things up a bit.

My aim is to make it as photorealistic as possible. I will do some post processing later in photoshop to add more depth but I just wanted to get some feedback on the lighting and texturing, etc.


I think the wood is too bumpy, and i think that you should add dors to the bottom floor(i dont know what it is right now), make it whole visible and add a dining room/kitchen enterior.
I think that would look good.

Not bad at all, the lighting is good. Obviously you should get rid of the black ground plane of the HDRI in post processing. The placement of the interior furniture looks weird to me, why would you place your chair there, if you have this big window? Move the chair a bit and turn it more towards the view. - Also the ceiling and the floor are way to thin for a building, they should be about 30 centimeters thick.

You might think about changing the perspective of the camera to show a little more of the full dimensions of the building. Maybe angle the camera to be facing one of the front corners. This would add a little more interest to the overall rendering because right now it feels very flat. I do like some of the textures you have used, although I do agree that the wood has a little too much bump right now. Overall this is a great first attempt at architectural rendering, and I am excited to see more stuff in the future!

Thanks for the feedback! I finished the renders before this post was approved by the moderators so I’ll just leave the updated photos here. I’ll try what you said though.

The bumpiness on the wood too curvy/ roundish, so is the bumpiness on the grey silver building block on the right. Give them hard edge bump.

It is not clear what the grey silver block is - a garage? Just a aluminum-clad house wing? Perhaps give it a sense of wall and roof.

Also, rendering the building from a higher POV from a 45 - 60 degree side view will capture more of its dimensions and the picture will make more sense.

Thanks for the feedback! The silver block is a garage and I will add some indicators of that.

Also, I just finished rendering this view from the back. I feel like it doesn’t look as good as the two front views, and I also kind of rushed this render. Any advice? Thanks

Not bad… give the glass something to reflect…will make lots of difference

How thick is the roof? The dimensions on the picture are in mm.