First attempt at Blender & CGI

Hi guys,

I’ve only been using Blender for a couple of days now, but have probably visited your site every day to find answers to various questions and to just see what kind of things people are up to with this software, so thanks for the content and community you’ve built up here.

I’ve just put together my first CGI piece, its showing off a model I’ve made, based on the classic Stikfas character. It can be viewed here @

Yeah its only short and the camera/lighting is the only thing animated at the moment, but does the model look ok?

I do have a question though. I used buffered shadows eventually (i enabled ray tracing but it was taking so long, so read about it and decided buffered was easily adequate for it). But using both technique I had this strange strobing effect happening to the wrists of the model as the camera panned. Does this have a name, whats causing it and what would be a good way to fix it? I would guess its to do with overlapping meshes and the lighting algorithm not knowing if it should be in shade or light.



Yea, the effects on the wrists, it looks like z-fighting. Here’s an article about it:

You can go vertex by vertex and merge them with alt-m, or you could also maybe do it automatically with the remove doubles tool.

Other than that, it’s looking good!