First attempt at Blender...

This is my first project in Blender - I’m very new at 3D. I’ve started with Speedtiti’s tutorial, and kind of winged it for the rest.

I’d appreciate comments & criticism, I’m going to finish this one up and try another vehicle. Any idea how to do a tire? How do you model the tread and the sidewalls?


That’s awesome! I would have never guessed you were new to 3D. I can’t give any crits because I have never done a model like that yet. It looks good to me. Keep up the good work.

BTW… do you have the link to that tutorial?

That looks good, only crit is that one headlamp appears to be on more of a slope than the other. You only need to do one half of the car, if you mirror the other half, its explained in the documentation.

That’s a very nice first project - good work so far. I’m really looking forward to see updates.

There is a tire tutorial by Olaf Arnold:

Thanks for the feedback. Sornen, you were right, I did duplicate the headlamp, but I forget to mirror it - sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to point those things out…

DBugged, the tutorial link is:

I’m having a bear of a time getting the lights set up to get the “showroom floor” look I’m going for. I’m currently using one sun lamp and one area lamp. I’m trying to highlight the glossy finish without having actual light ball reflections in it. Any ideas?



Wow… That’s awesome for your first try mate… Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Great work for first time in Blender.
You adapt real well to the software.

Very well done. I love that material… really realistic.

One thing though, which seems to be all to common: No sideview mirrors. %| :stuck_out_tongue:

i love these first time threads, reminds me of the excitment I felt when first creating something, very nice work, your definitly on the right road (terrible pun intendered)