First Attempt at Blender

Hey all this is my first attempt at blender ive used moray and animator for a while but they dont have the same features as it so enough talking this is a picture of a goblin standing with a man climbing down from his shelf please comment.

thank you for looking

Quite good for a first attempt. U didn’t model the man in the background did u? I think his eyes are popping out little too much, position them further in, or scale, or model around the eyes a little more. Play around with the particles u used for the eyebrows, like adding more strands.
Keep it up.

Thanks for the comment

No I didnt model that guy i used makehuman for it ill change the eyes and hair now and make a good render and post it as soon as i can i thought the eyes were a little big

Updated picture of Goblin.

Looks better. I didn’t comment on your light setup btw before, which i like. Have u seen BSOD’s Introduction to Character Animation tutorial? It starts with modelling a head right through to having a fully rigged animated character. Its simple to follow and is an excellent tutorial if u haven’t already read it. It can be found here:

ill have to check the site out thanks for the comment again.

Added rigging to my makehuman guy tomorrow ill add facial features and possibley a rigging for my goblin.

Hey that looks pretty cool :slight_smile:
did you mean anim8or?