First Attempt at Blending People

Hey, here’s my first attempt at character modeling. I kinda took a tutorial that comes with 3d studio max 4.2 and translated it to blender as best I could. (In all honesty, I hate 3dsmax) NEways, I may tweak this model and I’m trying to create an armature skeleton for it but the arm aren’t deforming right. Any sugguestions welcome cuz this is my first attempt at really using armatures.

You image isn’t popping up.

That’s because it’s geoshities. So here is the url to copy and paste.

Now, onto the actual image. It’s pretty good. The head is a little square for my taste, but the rest look well done.


Sorry I know geocities is evil and all. Go fig…but it shows up fine on my pc. wierd. NEways thanks. Yeah, it turned out much mroe square than the 3dsmax tuorial. go fig, eh? But how would I go about armature-ing it. Ive tried but the arms won’t bend right. It caves in the whole right side of the chest. I can get the legs working fine…and the head and neck…its just the arms.

Try manually assigning vertices for the arms. Armpits are almost always a chore to clean up if you let (any app’s) automatic vertex assignment do it’s thing.

Umm…how do i do that? As I said, this is my first use of Armatures. I’m used to Ikas.

This tutorial on BlenderChar should give you a headstart into getting your questions answered.

Ahh… Glad you didn’t use the “correct” spelling like most individuals… This new spelling gives us a nice representation of what Geoshities is.

He’s a funny little chunky monkey!

I like his body… er, you know what I mean! He looks like a really good comical fat man, we had a reality TV show in the UK called Fat Club, he’d be great for a spoof of that (training to the rocky music or something!).

The only criticism I have is that his face is good but doesn’t quite match the characters body, needs a bigger mouth for stuffing away all those pies!

And a “sponsored by Burger King” T-shirt! :smiley:

LOL :smiley: Yeah, I’ll see if I can tweak the mouth. And if I’m not busy with Jedi Academy I’ll work on the armatures. Anyone have an MP3 of the rocky music? I was thinking about having him dance to some disco song like a dancing bottle i made from Ika tutorial in the Blender Book.

Lol, That dude reminds me from a 3Ds Max tutorials, lol, Blend more, lloks very nice for a first model. :slight_smile:

Umm…thats cuz it is the guy from the 3dsMax tutorial. As I said, I took it and translated it to Blender. I hate the 3dsmax interface (cuz i’m so used to blender) and modeling-wise i have learned to do most of the stuff in the tutorial in Blender so it was just a matter of translating the commands in Max to Blender.