First attempt at car (80s BMW)

Big thanks to Mike Pan for showroom scene and BMW badge as well as to Velstyde for the brakes, tire and car paint material.

After 3 failed deloreans, 2 failed lancer 2000 EX turbos and a failed 90s m3 I went back to the 80s and finally managed to complete a car. Although there are multiple modifications a vast majority of the car was based on a 1988 BMW M3 E30. This scene took about 8 full days for me to complete. How long does a car take an experienced user? I feel like that was way too long for this kind of car. Though, I am happy with the result despite obvious flaws, but I think as a beginner’s car model it went quite well in the end. Hope you enjoy the 80s beauty! :eyebrowlift: I have way more renders but i reached the file limit :frowning:


Heres more views:

Not bad! I’d work a little bit more on the materials, but the model is really good! :slight_smile:

looks good, I could be wrong, but your headlights look like maybe you’ve done them as solid glass rather than just a glass cover?
also see if your can square off the top corner of the front windscreen a bit more, it looks like the windscreen is the correct shape, but you maybe just havnt fixed the shape of the metal after adding subsurf.

all of this Is my completely unproffesional opinion so feel free to ignore me hahah.

I can understand 8 full days, ive managed to make some half decent work, but ive never really finished a car, they are difficult.
did you model the body as one piece, or do every piece individually and put it all together?

You are correct! After studying multiple reference photos i found that the windscreen brace is actually quite incorrect and it does need to be squared off much more. However, why do you get the impression that headlights are sold? I modeled them using a hemispherical mirror with a curved glass over lay and an area lamp placed inside the mirror, I have done other renders with HDRIs and I found that in a non-showroom environment the lights look much better so I can understand.

Another error with this model is the crease between the bottom of the taillights to the top of the rear wheel well, this should be a smooth curve and this panel should not have a double crease like that, also the materials used for the window rubbers and such are very wrong and unrealistic as I believe that is what FreeFly was referring to.

I found that with high poly cars, modeling in panels was the only way to do it effectively with some kind of realism, my other 5 car attempts were done as partial panels or full body constructions and they never worked and could never get a good result, so if youre stuck on a car then; GOOD blueprints are essential and always model in panels and you might have a better experience.

I really appreciate your feedback! :yes:

I think an issue is the detail isn’t there. I am definitely not an experienced user, but 8 days is probably not enough. A few more days would give the extra details.
I have made the same car and I am not pleased. That took 2 weeks

I made sure to include panel details as much as possible, but what kind of detail, I looked at your car and it’s quite different to mine in styling but which parts of the model looked rushed or underdone? I felt 8 days was enough as I would spend at least 10 hours a day on the model and it was at a point where I could get nice renders in scenes and such.