First attempt at modeling a girl

So this is what I have done -

Now since I’m new to this, I want to know if I’m doing anything wrong?
Also, is my edge loop placement correct?
What are the correct next steps? Can I start adding more loops and beginning work on the chest area and some general anatomical details?

Thanks in advance for any feedback and criticism.


Girl 1.blend (427 KB)

I would try and find some tutorials on topology like this one

or this:

Just go to Google and poke around, see what looks good. Don’t worry about what program it is for. Just study how they do the loops.

Also try to go to

Just another source. Mostly been going there for cars but they have some human stuff too. Check out some of the different things they have.

Basically the suggested workflow is to get images you can reference as a background image in Blender to model to.

That with some understanding about topology you can be well on your way.

Hey there, I’m a newbie too, did you follow a tutorial or just made this from scratch? I guess you got some tips somewhere for your use of mirror and subsurface modifiers.

Well, since I’m a newbie and I haven’t even posted my models yet, I won’t try to give you advice, I think you are doing ok, except for the head.
And… the hand are waiting for you! those parts are challenging.

oh! and this tutorial was pure gold for me when I just started, I totally recommend it:

By Jonathan Williamson, who I really like how he teaches, more of him at

The most important thing to learn in modeling is topology, and the best at teaching topology in the blender community is probably Jonathan Williamson like Brachi said. I recommend the topology overviews he’s done on blender cookie and his many part head tutorial.

As for the next steps it really depends on what you are trying to achieve. One recommendation I have is to not start with an icosphere as it uses triangles and you should generally shy away from triangles in any organic model with few exceptions. There just isn’t anything to work with on an icosphere.

What you should really make sure to get straight next is the form of the character. You’ve already got some well defined developing in the torso, which is good. You should try to make the arms less stick like. In case I’m not clear on what form is here’s a good thread on the sub-d forums. I’d like to see some wireframes to get an idea of the topology. Good start:)

Brachi I didn’t use a tutorial, but I’m thinking I should start, because topology really is what I am looking for.
Oh and your link is dead I think.

uhm, I just clicked it and looks good, also I was able to save it. Anyways, you can go to and chose the “blender” section.
The tutorial is a little old (one year and Jonathan was using 2.49) but is still very useful.
Here’s the link to download the video just in case: