First attempt at modeling a humanoid character

I recently got back into trying to learn to do good 3d modelling and thought I’d give humanoid characters a try again. For the past 2 days I’ve been working on the following, attempting to model a character from a movie. I haven’t gotten to the sculpting yet and wanted some critique on how things are thus far, if possible, I’d also appreciate some advice on how to proceed with the hands and feet, since I’m completely unsure how to do them nicely.

I would recommend getting rid of multires. The mirror being second on your mod stack is the reason you have that seam in the middle. I would recommend modelling it with no sub-d until the block in is done. Also the edges that are close to each other have to go. Theyre causing creasing in your sub-d. G>>G edge slide is your friend. But you gotta relax the geo so its the same density everywhere.

For example your chest has a large loop density but they reduce before the head which would benefit from said loops. I would even recommend using sculpt tools to shape (grab / smooth brush only) to get an organic look. But silouette/form should come first before sub-d or its just gonna get more difficult. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the tips, they really helped! I’ve made some adjustments based on your advice and the page you linked, so now my mesh has more or less a uniform vertex density, and it looks much better and has better topology now (managed to remove many tris in the process). Now I think I’ll go for the hands.