First attempt at organic modeling.

This is my first attempt at organic modeling.

I am trying to model a ‘base head-male’ that I can modify to make different faces

This is after 6 or so hours on and off work.

I know, I know. It looks like crap but Im hoping people could give me some tips on how to improve it. There are some awesome moddelers here that I am hoping to leech knowledge off of.

(I am trying to get it as realistic as possible BTW)

It matches the references I have found reasonably well (still a little room for improvement though.

It just doesnt look right, and I dont know why.

If the pics are too small I will repost them, I made imageshack make them smaller so they were easier to see.

Any help is appreciated.




wat modeling approach did you use? I find the head modeling tute at the start of the bsod intro to animation works really well.
good luck
PS The model in my WIP(gman) was done using this teqnique as a base)

I got the Basic outline of the side profile in vertexes & edges, then etruded those edges into the segments you can see.

I was originally hoping to do it without subdivision (as all the models of guns I have done have been messed up by applying sub division) but I see it is good for organic looking things.

Thats a good technique, but makes for a strange looking(nad not animation firendly) model. I mean this in no way as a put down(I did the exact same thing when i started out ;))
seach “BSoD Intro to Character Animation” on
it has the tute posted on the blenderwiki. It shows a simple way to model a simple head, but i used it as the base for 'GMan". Its very useful/anim friednly. And pretty quick.
PS smooth your model( in the edit buttons, second far right tab), then you wont need such a high level of subdivision(thus fast render speeds)

I will try that one if I cant salvage this (I dont know why but I want to stay with this mesh… Bizzare…

Anyway I have edited it a fair few times, only little edits individually but I think it looks better.

Still its not great, what do you think?

(Ignore the line in the middle, this will disapear when I copy flip and weld)


much much better! I Will say, that youll come to a problem when you try to make ears. I used to hit that a lot. But a huge improvement.
no one has looked at my WIP (:(, would you check it out( alinks in my signature)
I want to know what other people think. Thanks! And keep it up,
looking forward to more progress!
peace man

I have already looked, unfortunately none of the videos work for me… I thought i’d posted this in your WIP though. Didnt I?

By the way quick reply lol.

And I think I know why I want to stick with this mesh…

IM OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE! 1! 2! 3! 4! YEEE HAAA! 1! 2! 3! 4!

What show is that off lol

I gotta tweak the eyelids a little, the lips a fair bit, and the nosa alot, but tommorow that will be as now I shall pee and then catch some zee (s)

hehe, well, i guess ill try to fix the videos…crap
well, check back soon, Ill get them workin soon.
waiting for an update on you r model

There are three tutorials you should work through: the BSoD Intro to Animation tutorial, the TorQ “better face” tutorial and the Arianna face tutorial. In that order. Don’t do the whole Animation tut (unless you’re interested) just the modeling part. Then come back to this mesh and see if you want to continue or start over.

You’re not obsessive compulsive, you just don’t want to start over because you’ve invested a lot in this model. Same impulse that causes people to loose their shirts in the stock market. See what you think after you’ve invested some time in learning to model instead of modeling.

:smiley: No the obsessive compulsive thing was a joke. lol

Well a simpsons quote anyway. One of the rare funny jokes in the simpsons…

You need a way to define good edgeloops (which are essentially loops of quads). Because they’re key to good topology especially if you’re to animate it.

Damnit edited it and it was looking a fair bit better but blender crashed, damn bender >.< :mad:

Ah well

Couldnt find ariannas tutorial and the Torq one (the method of the torque one at keast) I’ve tried before and failed miserably when I first tried this model.

By the way animating it isnt a priority, I just want a still frame model

Other ways to add detail is beveling and using the knife tool, the knife tool can help you create edgeloops so that may be better.

Anyway I dont want to animate it or anything all I want is it to be anatomically correct and the right shape et cetera.

If I ever feel like animatig I can wrap a more animationg friendly mesh around this and it will be easier than doing it from2D guides.

Here is a new update, fixed the eyes on the curent model, make the nose more realistic, couldnt see any areas for major improvement in lips (hoping you’ll point them out if there are any, and had a crack at making the ears, they resemble the reference to me (need slight reshaping but other than that…), but Do you think they do?

So what do I need to do to make this anatomically accurate?


is that the same mesh you started from? If so, you cleaned it up nicely.

hmm, how bout some teeth? or Hair? And don’t forget the neck.

The Arianna tutorial is at

Well, you need to start paying attention to your edge loops. Organic modelers don’t just do them because they make animation friendly meshes. The reason they are animation friendly is that they follow the structure (anatomy) of the organism.
Are you using front and side view references for your model?

Is that model the original? Amen to yoeri if it is. Its looking much nicer.
And orinico is totally right. Edgeloops help defing things like wrinkles, dimples, creases…their the base to a good head model. Keep it up