First attempt at 'organic' modelling. A hand.

This started as my WC entry but I started too late and spent a lot of time modelling a hand so I decided not to enter and continue with the hand.

It’s my first attempt at modelling any living thing. It’s a human hand. Not complete yet, so I’de like some comments on what I have so far…

Here it is:

Please offer suggestions and give me some C + C if you have any. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure since it isn’t complete, but I think the thumb should maybe be a bit farther back.
Nice start

The first thing that jumps out to me are the fingernails… They look a bit flat and they aren’t transparent at all. I’d recommend arching them more and (if you haven’t already) extruding them a bit for depth. Of course, after that, is modeling raised skin around the nail.

Thanks for the comments.

pofo: It might be down to the angle but it does look a little close to the index now that you mention it.

fweeb: They are actually arched and extruded. I have only applied a simple material for now so you can see them. I will raise the skin around the nail. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Two things. I would make the fingernails more reddish, and I would angle the thumb slightly more downward. Not bad though. Hands are really quite tricky.

The hand is far too masculine to be a woman’s hand, but the fingers from the fingertip back to the second knuckle are too slender to be a man’s. The thumb and knuckles are very masculine looking and have a great deal of girth/musculature to them, but the rest lacks that feature. Great work on texturing the skin though. I really think that looks cool!

Thanks for commenting. :slight_smile:

Modron: The nails will be textured properly later. For now they have that white solid look. The thumb is in the position I want it. I know it is naturally turned down more but this is how I intended it to be positioned.

Desoto: The hands are a man’s. They are meant to be slender, although, the fingers do look a little bit too thin. I’ll make them a little more fleshier.

Thanks for the suggestions. Please keep C + C coming. Thanks :slight_smile:


Wow :o

The finger are a bit long/thin, and the colour, well I dunno, looks a tiny bit out, maby. Exellent work though.

One more suggestion. UV mapping. Also crank down the spec, and the reflection.

Thanks for the suggestions and the compliment :slight_smile:

I haven’t been too concerned with the texturing yet. As for the fingers, they are supposed to be long and thin. But I will make the tips a bit fleshier.

I don’t know UV mapping. I’ve only done 2 tutorials. Building a castle and an introduction to animation with a sphere. My knowledge in blender is very limited. Do you know of any resources I might find useful? :slight_smile:

I’ve made some changes which hopefully have improved it. :stuck_out_tongue: They’ll be up very very soon. Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Ok, update time.

From 2 different angles. Slight progression towards the wrist. Worked on the nails a bit and tried to make the fingertips more fleshy. Also a couple of minor tweaks.

Here they are:

Improvement? Worse? Please keep the C + C coming. Thanks :slight_smile:


Looks better… but the fingers look a little too thin for the thumb… or the thumb is too thick for the fingers?

its the fingers too thin for the thumb

It looks good but I think that the fingers are too thin and too short for the rest of the hand. Also, the top of the hand is a little too flat IMHO.

Looks good tho!


Great hadn, but you need to fix some things, like making the fingers a bit fatter. Btw, did you duplicated one finger 4 times and connected them? Because it looks like you did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments.

The fingers will be made a little bit fatter then that’s it. This is meant to be a slender hand, but I can see that the fingers are a little thin (especially index finger) compared to the thumb. I will make the top of the hand curved more too.

DJ-Multi: I did duplicate the fingers, but they are not the same. I changed proportions appropriately (length, position, thickness etc). I didn’t even consider modelling each one individually. That seems a bit pointless when each finger only needs slight adjustments. Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated :smiley:


Don’t get too wrapped up in proportion, because all hands are different proportions anyway.

Exactly! :slight_smile: