First attempt to animate anything

(tawdry) #1

Put all the animations for my tiger on one video this is them in the unity editor

(Vikas thakur) #2

Exaggerate front feet and do some work on tail. If this is your first attempt then this is the best first attempt i have seen !
Keep it up !

(tawdry) #3

Thx man first posted animation for this model but the second attempt first was a jump which didn’t work out so well …yea i see the front feet issue .Will spend some time on the tail it was more of an afterthought.

(tawdry) #4

Took another stab at that jump animation no root motion on the run to keep it in ftame

forgot about the tail again:p .I think the tailwork is ok in the stretching anim

(tawdry) #5

Fourth animation a tiger walkcycle this has been the hardest by far and its still not right thought id post it get some fresh eyes on it .Been struggling with it for hours now.

(tawdry) #6

Latest animation tiger lying down with a growl at the end. Trying to make him scarier but just looks comical

(tawdry) #7

All tige animations so far exported to unity

(Anthony Forwood) #8

Why are all your videos private???

(tawdry) #9

Was just replacing them all with the last one so all anims in one place so the latest one is or should not be private

(raysmith) #10

Hey i must say this is the best first timer work i have seen in a very long time. With a little more guidance and practice you would excel. All my best wishes are with you. Keep posting . I enjoyed looking at your work.

Check this link to get started

(GogoDisco) #11

Very lively. But if one must nitpick… Back feet need to be more asynchronous… Tail needs some spring. Love the ear movement…

(tawdry) #12

Hey Gogo
Yea the tail is an annoyance for me i did do some work on it for the stretching and lying down animation and i think the full sprint but still have to ,as you said, work on it for the other animations. For the back legs do you mean the movement is too similar or the timing is to close?

(Anthony Forwood) #13

Okay, now I can see the videos. Thanks for fixing them.

This is a very good first attempt at animating. I agree with @GogoSisco that the back feet need some better synchronization with the front feet, and if I were you I’d keep making passes to tweak all the movements more. You still have a lot of jerkiness that should be made more fluid, and I think with some of the walking/running you need to change the pattern of the steps. They just don’t look right. Not all four-legged animals walk/run the same way. I think you have the back legs moving too closely together when the cat is running. The feet should have a particular rhythm to how they land.

(tawdry) #14

Did some more work on the running i think its better?Added more anims. Eating lboth lying down and standing.2 hurt animations(aww).1 death (double awww) animation. A leap attack that just started working on.Some grooming and somemore stuff with the tail

(Anthony Forwood) #15

Wow! I noticed the improvements immediately, and I think you got a lot of the new movements down very well. Not much I can criticize other than to say that more tweaking would make it better.

(tawdry) #16

Thx mate
Not much more I can seperate the legs movements as a very low frame count(14-20) Cant quite get the one side to look as natural as the other though:(

(Ernie Scott) #17

Good post thanks for help

(Ernie Scott) #18

Good post thanks for help