First attempts in Blender 2.44

Hi Community!

I am completely new to Blender I have been working with Maxon C4D for about 4 years. I changed my OS from XP to Ubuntu Studio. And I’m still at practising the very basics. This is the first image that was saved by my Blender :slight_smile:

I dunno how 2 setup the Material. this is so completely different in comparison to Maxon :frowning:

greetz Seb


I like it, you clearly have experience with 3d. :eyebrowlift:

u are expert…now rock with blender also :slight_smile:

The latest version of blender is 2.45. Try that, there are many improvements in that version

Thank dudes!

I’m really positive astonished that u like it…:eek:

now then… how coul one setup the material because i at first just erased the specular. and my tests with reflection or some hard and strong specular of the area lights didn’t work out for me :frowning:

Moreover I didn’t succeed in configuring the exporter for indigo. bvut i think i just need to get used to ne terminal in linux…

atm I’m at school. but this afternoon i will try to improve the scene :slight_smile: maybe i will try to model a flover os stuff like that…

and i’m going to try to model something to carry this “device”(dunno the english expression for german “griff”):o

That’s great. Clearly see that you have done 3d stuff before. Wikiblender is great site and there is all basic things you need to know about materials, example: go down to materials - gategory and select what you want!

Thanks a lot. this site is great and it will certainly take me some weeks to read all the stuff written there… :slight_smile:

My Ubuntu-Repository doesn’t allow me to load the latest version of Blender so I downloaded the latest version from But i don’t know how to get itt working. or how to set it up :frowning:

Indigo still doesn’t want to work but i tried to follow the tutorial with the dice.

After having finished he first few steps i continued to play aorund a bit on my own… this is the result. i’m quite satisfied. i know that some of u might no like the grain but i DO liek it :stuck_out_tongue:


now I tried it without a tutorial and produced a simple chair. I know the mesh isn’t that smooth but i tried to get proper edgeloops within the important areas:confused:


You are doing extremely well, considering that when I tried Cinema I was completely lost. I have to admit, I didn`t made any tutorial…

To help you with the chair, try Shift+E in edit mode on selected edges. It is Crease edge, good to make sharp edges on subsurf.

I know this function but i dont like it. in my oppinion its more accurate to bevel the edges when u are shure that the polyflow is 100% correct. tthen u get a nice sharpened edge but stil with some rounding!

Yes, but also heavier geometry. I personally use both approaches, as they have their pros and cons.

I agree. It depends on your model and the usage. If it’s the mainpart in your work you should accept some more polies to make it look better!

Looks great Labello. If you want the latest blender version, download it from the site and put the files (blender, blenderplayer and pluginfolder) where they already is (overwrite existing files). If you dont know where they are take a look at the blender package already installed (properties).

(blender and blenderplayer files are located in /usr/bin/ The Plugin-folder is located under /usr/lib/blender. Just download the .tar.bz2 from and overwrite these files)

@Marsan: thanks a lot but I will wait till my repository allows me to install it with synaptics. i’m not that keen on any more features because nearly all of the standart-features are new ones for me^^

so now I gave the chair a second try and it worked out very well. i used just simple box-modelling :slight_smile:

greetz Seb


Ok, but it can take a while before they get it into the repositoryes. You can also get it from getdebs:

Edit: Nice chairs!