first big animation

Ok, this isn’t really the first time i ever animated with Blender, but it’s the first time i created something with the purpose to animate it, and it’s my first anim longer than 200 frames! yippee! :slight_smile:

anyways, i know it needs some things, like music and a few tweaks, but i think i’m nearly done.

here’s the link(sorry, no streaming, had to zip it because of low webspace)
you have to right click and say Save Target As… because geocities doesn’t allow direct linking. Stupid free web hosting!

C&C welcome

Not bad, not bad at all. I’d like to hear some step-climbing sounds and writing sounds at the end. You could also put an audio stinger when it transitions to the logo. I’d also recommend trying to make the texture on your tower look less tiled.

Great start! Keep it up.

i’m not sure if i’ll add stepping sounds, the idea was more of floating up the stairs rather than walking.

i will put writing sounds in, that’s a good idea.

with the tower texture, i used a ‘seamless’ texture, but i can’t get around the tiled look on the outside. well, you can only see it when the lightning strikes, but i’ll try to fix it.

anything else?

does anybody have any crits comments?!

Hi yeah. You need to lighten up outside just a tad. Dunno if it’s me or not, but it’s almost pitch black except when the lighting strikes and it’s like whatching a strobe light and gives me a headache, hehe.

The outside quality should be a closer match to the inside too, the inside is brilliant. Should spend a little more time on the outside and work with the lights a bit.

I love the idea too, the layout etc. Neat stuff :slight_smile:

thanks for the responses. i guess i could lighten up the outside a little bit. i don’t want it to be too light because it’s in the night in the middle of a storm. (another reason that i don’t want it too light is because when you are far away, the tower has a tiled-look to it!)

i’ll post an update probably this weekend, with some real grass from the fiber script (halfway done), some music (already done) and some more small tweaks.

the reason that i can’t do lots of updates is that this animation is 750 frames long and takes 2 hours to render!

Nicely made !
I agree with enzoblue. You need to make the outside more detailed, there’s a mismatch in quality between the outside and in. The lightning effect is very good ! With a better tower CASTING SHADOWS it will look much better.
Initially I thought the outside was much too dark, then I turned up the brightness in windows media player and I was happy.
Don’t forget to animate the grass with the fiber script !
2 hours for 750 frames is fast - you wait till you get a 20 hour render for 200 frames, then you’ll have fun… :slight_smile:
Anyway, looks very good overall, I await the update.

how do you animate grass in fiber? do you have to make vertex keys for every single grass blade?! or is there and easier way?

couldn’t downloadit- I used right-click/saveas, but I only downloaded the gea-narf-narf angry html page (with the name and extension of your zip file)
any advice?

I wouldn’t worry about animating the grass really. Just have the mesh there. You can put a tree or a plant maybe that’s animated to show the wind, nice touch but not a huge necessity. The grass meshes are gonna suck up some serious render time, animating the grass would put you well into next year :stuck_out_tongue:

slikdigit - i’m not sure what the problem is, i just tried the link and it works. remember to right click and save as. or, mabey try again later. the bandwidth on the site might have been too high at the attempted time.

yeah, I’ll just have to try later- I just did that and got a “site has exceeded allocated data transfer” web page instead of the .zip. In geocities case at least , I guess you get what you pay for…

Nice! How did you do that drawing thing? That looks great!

Maybe you could add more detail here and there both inside and out - it seems a little plain. There is alot of texture-repeating going on. Sometimes you can sorta get rid of it by using a different texture which doesn’t repeat on top of the repeating one which has half opacity and maybe mul(multiply) or add turned on.

I like the inside and the writing effect.

-Put some pushes are grass blades around the base of the tower to hide the sharp edges.

  • Make the camera movement from entering the bottom door to the start of the spiral smother, it s not smooth.
  • If you are floating up the stairs how about a little random tilting off the camera as you go up the stairs? I imagin leaning into the center of the tower, think motobike.
  • For dramatic effect, maybe make the candles into burning torches and have it make that whooshing sound that torches make when they are moved around.

sorry its been so long, i should have an update sometime this week.
ive already done the grass, and worked a little on the outside of the tower.