First big project, first big problem

This is my character model (rough) for a martial arts game I am making. It is my first attempt at something big in Blender, and I am happy with where it is going. The style is supposed to be low poly.

The problem is the arm. I know it needs touching up, that’s not the problem. I made it, and I want the other one to be identical. Is there any way I can achieve this? Thanks.

I would appreciate an answer and some critisism.

After you have finished your model just press Shift D and it should duplicate the model…if you are talking about the arm you delete half of the model along the x-axis(the red line) the go to modifier, in the edit buttons,selet mirror then turn on DO CLIPPING…

Thanks a lot, Hermit.

Does anyone have any ideas to improve it?

you could make the arms bigger, Stronger ect. And make the jeans more round, but its still very good.

hmm whats ur game about? Setting,Story…Nice work
I’m workin on a model 4 a game 2…right now I’m workin on animations…but its hard to make “realistic animations” my main problem is the deformation, when a bone is bent it makes the mesh look like its make of paper the fold is too extreme… anyone know how to fix the deformation? I watched the siggraph about animation but I don’t know how to apply shape keys to bone deformations…

It’s gonna be an action style MMO, maybe with some RPG elements if I can get good enough at coding.

But I have an update.