First bigger project - dino-mage

Hi all!
some days ago i finished the modelling tutorial on (where in the end it says “dont be stupid: do sth big, post it, get feedback, and THEN go on with the tutorial”) - so this is my first project i invested some time in.:smiley: i know the pro’s in this forum would not know where to begin with tips for improving this thingy…(since there is quite a lot to do) so please give me very general feedback and tips what to look for when i am going to go on with blender-learning and modelling…(like: “this … stupid mistake makes it very unrealistic”) materials and lights are the next most important points i want to get into. btw: i didnt spent much time on the lights here, first i want to get the model to look… acceptable.

thank you for feedback and: BLENDER ROCKS (as you all know)… I have spent so much time already just for looking at your amazing artwork in this forum. respect!


Legs look blocky and straight, lower leg could be more thin, check out these swooshy legs for some reference.

Lighting is too bright for night and where does it all come from? Maybe that crystal should be light source for them.

Overall its pretty good.

legs seem short to me! Lighting must be improved and creatures don’t have eyes…