First blend... WIP - Citroën SM

Here it is, my first serious blender model. I’ve started doing 3D only recently, so please don’t be too harsh… :expressionless:

Lots of stuff missing, I know… Interior, better textures (esp. the glass), setup, lights… But before I spend any more time on this, I’d like to know how I’m doing so far!

Thanks for your comments.

I’m not much into cars, even less Citroën of that era, so I am hardly one to help but…

Since you live in Montreal I am guessing that you won’t want to miss this thread :
Montreal Blender Conference2004

As for cars, you might be interested by Speedtiti’s tutorial (in French and English) whose work is famous.



Well, for one thing he can spell.


I think it looks promising. Keep up the good work.


Nice blend dude, very good start :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, this is good modelling for a start!
Now it needs better materials, and a better render.
By the way, what is that transparent thing in the middle, at the front of the car?


Thanks to all for the comments and the links.

Jean : It is in fact speedtiti’s tutorial that inspired me to start this one :wink: Thanks for the pointer to the Montreal conference, I’ll definitely attend.

Zsolt : I’ll complete the model (at least, wheels, headlamps and some simple interior) before I worry too much about materials and lights… that’s what I expect to learn at the conference! I’m even more worried since I saw the excellent Mazda 6 model in a nearby thread…

The thing in the middle is a glass bubble behind which the license plate is located. With the headlamps, it makes a continuous glass “tube”. Look it up at (for instance – google image “citroen sm”)

When the model is a little more complete, I’ll probably call for help on textures and such.

Back to blending now :slight_smile:

Some work done…

  • The chrome texture is now closer in looks to real chrome, thanks to
    another thread here (heavy mirror effect, among other things) ;
  • Added slight mirror effect (~.10) on the paint ;
  • Other misc. texture adjustments, incl. to glass (but we’re not there
    yet…) ;
  • Basic environment. Really, really basic ;
  • It now has wheels ! :wink:

Interior and headlamps remain to be done.

So, how to you think it’s turning out ? Any hints for a decent-looking cement sidewalk ?

Updated again!

  • headlamps done, and front bubble’s insides completed. Flashers and rear lights not there yet.
  • worked on textures & lighting (as is, a sun to the left of the car, and a regular lamp at the back, passenger side)

Still haven’t got around to doing the interior. The whole thing is becoming a little heavy for my paltry PII350/256… :-?

Comments and advice welcome.

Here it is, the textures are as good as I can make them, and the model as detailed – more would tax both my machine, and my patience, I’ve spent far too much time on it already :wink:

No scene to speak of, just a blank, untextured floor. Lighting is provided by an area .2x10, intensity .6, on the driver side ; backfill with regular lamp at various strengths (mostly 1.0) on the opposite side. The few glitches remaining in the model would tempt me to redo the whole thing from scratch, so I’d better leave it at that.

All images except first one rendered in raytrace, default settings, no AO. Given the render times as they are, that’ll have to do for now.

Feel free to comment.