First Blender 2.41b

First Blender 2.41b

CVS BUILD (15/01/2006)


  • Resolution Switching in L{Rasterizer}

  • Movie Player Actuator

  • Hello World Actuator

  • Added Lagan code:

  • Append scene actuator

  • Unappend scene actuator

  • getPropertyList()

Just Linux 64 bits for the moment, wait until (21/01/2006) for windows and Linux 32 bits version.
Patches comming soon too.



Here is the Rasterizer example code:

def setDisplayResolution(width, height, bpp, rate):
 Sets the display resolution.
 The user's desktop resolution will be restored on Blender exit.
 Note: X11 platforms can't set bpp.
  import Rasterizer
  Rasterizer.setDisplayResolution(800, 600, 32, 60)
 @param width: New display width, in pixels
 @type width: integer
 @param height: New display height, in pixels
 @type height: integer
 @param bpp: The colour depth to set the display to: valid values are 8, 16, 24 and 32.
 @type bpp: integer
 @param rate: The refresh rate to set the display
 @type rate: integer

def getCurrentResolution():
 Gets the current display resolution.
  import Rasterizer
  currentres = Rasterizer.getCurrentResolution()
  print "Width: ", currentres[0]
  print "Height: ", currentres[1]
  print "BPP: ", currentres[2]
  print "Refresh Rate: ", currentres[3]
 @return: The current display resolution, in the form (width, height, bpp, rate)
 @rtype: tuple

def getValidResolutions():
 Gets a list of valid display resolutions.
  import Rasterizer
  validres = Rasterizer.getValidResolutions()
  print "Width\	Height\	BPP\	Refresh Rate"
  for res in validres:
   print res[0], "\	", res[1], "\	", res[2], "\	", res[3]
 @return: A list of valid display resolutions, in the form [(width, height, bpp, rate)]
 @rtype: list

Cya :o

You’re bad as evil

Waiting until 21 to get a Linux version??

Just kidding! :slight_smile:

But you already have a 64bit version, much better :smiley:


Will there be a mac version when the final build is released?

Probably, but I do not know if the movie player actuator will be available for Mac.

Wish I had a MAC, any good soul out there? %| :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok OTO, here is the LInux 32 bits version.

BTW there is a demo blend file about the movie actuator.

Who is bad?

Lol :Z

No, no, sir!
The sweatest, sir!
The most beautiful, sir!
I’m crawlling at your feet, sir! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

reamkatana, tell me please why it is not possible to do windows 64bit version. It is unreal? Or no one need it?


It’s possible, but I do not have Win64, and I have no money to buy it .

Wait until 21/01, when I will release the win32 version and the patch, so let’s hope that someone with win64, build a version with my patch.