First blender animation

Hey guys!
ive been learning blender for a few months, following blender cookie and blender guru tutorials, and i decided to make something of my own!

(yes i know the ball at the start is just floating, im just not very good at characters yet, i might add one later)

since it is my first animation not following a tutorial, i know it isnt that great, but does anyone have any advice to make it better?

thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Wish I could see what the guy is that the ball bumps into. But, by gawd, this little clip is fun! It tells a story! Your use of camera, framing, staging and cinematography in telling the story, particularly as the ball’s getting ready to demolish the lamp, is very fine indeed. And so, the little glowing ball becomes a character.

Gee, what happens next? :cool:

Y’know, you can pick anything apart until you tire of doing it, and it’s simply “not the point.” Once you get the viewer caught up in your story, “on with the show, this is it!” And that, ultimately, is what you want to get to; and you did.

Thanks sundialsvc4!

now that i have watched it a few times I’ve noticed a couple of small things wrong with it that i didn’t see before, (like the ball doesn’t really touch the ground when it is rolling in the second shot) but im hoping those don’t really jump out at you when you watch it the first time. :smiley:

The grass is too high. Everything was great.

yeah i agree with you about the grass. i think the grass in the third shot needs more stalks in each clump too, it looks a bit thin right now.