First Blender Artwork

Hey There! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: im new here! Also new on Blender. Ive been using blender about two months ago and im fascinated! its awesome! Great! and really easy to use.

I want to share my first Cycles render i made 1 month ago. Hope to find some feedbacks, i will be really gratefull! :grin:

For more information, process and more images, you can visit my Artstation Web

I call this, Bounty Hunter 2999


Remarkable! Have you worked with other 3d programs?

Hey! thank you.

Yes ive experience with other 3d softwares.

Nice work.

Only critique i have is that i think the volumetric are a bit heavy.

Thank you! well yes it is, it was on purpose because i wanted to create mistery, some kind of uncertainty and suspense in the environment.:sweat_smile:

I actually like the heavy fog/mist. It gives the scene some atmosphere and depth to it.

Your artwork is very good!

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To be a first work you’ve done a great job! My compliments.

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Thank you people! :grin:

Your first render is better than all my renders and I have been doing blender for 12 months haha. This is amazing!