First Blender Attempt

New to Elysiun, and also new to Blender, so C&C very welcome indeed.
Image is located here Speaker model

Btw, is there a way to insert images directly here? The website isn’t a normal host, it’s a community, so I’m not allowed to directly link to the image on the server, I have to link to the actual URL.

Some comments on the image…

  • Work on beveling the edges of the speaker case and grill. This will give it a smoother more realistic look.
  • Try the knobs with a different color so they stand out from the speaker case.

You cannot post images on the Elysiun server. You have to link to them (like you did in your post).

How exactly do you add beveling? Does that mean making the edges curved? I used the ‘make smooth’, but that just makes the edges smoothed, while the corners stay sharp.

Yeah, and the knobs actually were that colour, but I know what you mean, they blended into the case. I guess better lighting could improve that also.

Welcome to blender! it rocks!

if you have a recent build of blender,
you can press W in edit mode and select BEVEL
from the menu

also if you adjust the “clip start” of your spotlight to be closer to the object than the light, your shadows will improve quite a bit.

keep it up!