First blender game

Hi all,

Thanks for the help in the game forums.
Here is a small demo that I have been working on.

Things to do.
-add more and different actions.
-add more keyboard control.
-add textures.

There are currently only 3 actuators. Left, right, and forward arrow keys.
4.31 mb most of which is .dll.

Not a bad start. Might wanna enable textures for game view, cause the guy is just a solid shadeless blue thing right now.

Pretty good for a first attempt.

Some things I noticed… the walk cycle needs improving (your arms and legs aren’t the only things that move when you walk), texturing on the character and ground (as im sure you realized), and maybe a default stand animation, so he just isn’t frozen in walk position when you aren’t moving.

Keep working on it, and you’ll get there someday!