First Blender Model - Park Pavilion

I started using Blender a week ago and I’m nearing the completion of my first model. It’s an attempt at a park pavilion. I am looking for suggestions on how to make it more realistic. As it stands, the pavilion looks too much like a cartoon. Real photograph of the pavilion I am working toward is attached.

Blender file can be found at:

Not bad at all for your first blender model. It can be a tricky program to get used to. You’ve done well. Now I recommend looking at some lighting and materials. Do lots of experimenting on this first model; like UV Unwrapping, Texturing.

My tips for making it more realistic:

  • Learn how to use environment textures for realistic lighting (Heaps of tutorials on YouTube)
  • Work on your materials; ie. UV Unwrap everything so the texture sits flat and doesn’t bend/warp (Heaps of tutorials on YouTube)
  • Learn realistic Camera Angles
  • UV Unwrap all meshes and use UV Mapping for textures (See YouTube for tutorials)
  • Change material for posts (Make it the same as the top of the roof for example)
    • It is a solid metal in the reference image, not a clear material; same with the roof
      • Diffuse + Glossy (Roughness at 0.15, color closer to white) combined with mix shader. “Fac” input controlled by “Fresnel” node.
      • Fresnel node found in: “Shift + A --> Input --> Fresnel”
  • Add bump/normal maps to textured meshes (See YouTube for tutorials)

That’s about all I can think of right now. Nice work benny. Just keep practicing.

Thank you for the advice! I knew that I needed to watch some more tutorials, I just wasn’t certain what ones I should be focusing on.

I will play around with the suggestions you made and see what I can come up with.

Check out:

Those are some of my favourite blender educators