First Blender model, WMC

Hello, all!

My first model to be completed from scratch (not a tute) in Blender. I’m an oooooold school modeler (mesh only!) back before NURBS and bSplines, etc. using “Imagine” on an Amiga 3000. :slight_smile:

Anyway, enough about me. Here’s the render, from this weekend WMC. The topic was “Alien Technology,” and the model isn’t exactly rocket science to figure out. Took me 5 hours though. Still learning the ins and outs.
Larger Image

Some problems with the model:

  1. Using a Bevel object for the metal/chrome bottom 2/3 of the pod. At the place where the bevel turns corners, you can see artifacting sticking out of the bottom of the curve where it turns a corner too tightly. Is there a way to control this?

  2. Apparently there is no way to assign more than one material to a surface made of Curves/Surfaces, only Meshes. Is this correct?

  3. The curved buttons are a 3D spline with a bevel object applied. I couldn’t find a way to “cut” the ends of the buttons so they’d all line up along the circle correctly. Suggestions?

Here’s the blend file:
Alien iPod

Thanks for the help to a new Blenderhead!


Hi Bischofftep, welcome to Blender.

re-2) if you select a surface then press ALT and C together, you can convert the surface to a mesh. This should then let you do what you want in terms of materials.

re-3) S68 has a tool called a knife script available from his web site which should help you “cut” the ends of the buttons. Stefano’s web site

Sorry I can’t help with no 1.

The model looks really good, if you hadn’t mentioned the problems I would never have known. Only thing I found hard to see was the sides of the unit, but his might just be a lighting issue. Excellent start with Blender, looking forward to more of your work.


Cool :slight_smile:

Bevels are difficult. Personally (besides doing like Sonix said, I’d advice to re model buttons like this:

Prepare a square, Subdivide once, delete central node, subdivide many times, press Smooth some times. You’ll get a square with rounded corners.

This will be your profile for buttons

Delete the part of the profile you don’t need

top view Spin the profile 42 degres.

Spin another 3 degrees with 1 degree increment.

Scale down each of the three new extrusion separately of an incremental value to make the end bevel.

Select the last row and SHIFT+F to close the profile

Mirror this to have the full 90° button.

You might want to decimate this down.