First Blender Model

I’ve been messing with Blender for about a week now… here’s my first model. This screenshot was from a day or two ago… i’ve finished the stem and I have a ‘ground’ for it to sit on. Trying to learn how to texture and how the materials work.

this is very good for a first model! welcome to elysiun!

I have noticed that near the camera you crossed the two planes… you really want to do this? (it looks like you mistook some vertices, which were ment to stay on the bottom, and placed them in the top vertices’ place, and the top vertices were placed in the place of bottom ones’)


No, I didn’t mean to do that… i’ll just weld them together with one vertex.

Here’s another screenshot…

Litte advice:
Select all the vertices in edit mode (press A) and press the smooth button.