First Blender Project - A Simple House....

Hey all,

Ive been showing the WIP to this project from the get go and now have decided to close the book on it.

Im pretty pleased with it for a first project although i can see it needs work here and there.

Blender Internal Render, 6 mins at 800x640 with AmbOcc.

Bit of Post:

Id like to hear what you think and any pointers for future projects would be appreciated. Thanks for looking.

Shadows are too sharp IMO, you might want to increase soft size and samples. Other than that, I think it’s a very nice first project. Good job.

Its a first project from 2006?

What have u been doing?

The lighting for me is way too dark, u have a blue sky which doesn’t seem to match the light bouncing off the walls.
Never have seen a texture that big for the front of a house (the black area). If my foot slipped into one of those ditches i would surely have broken my ankle.
Good effort though.
Hope that helped.

Hey floorplay,

Agreed on the front patio texture, it didn’t come out the way i wanted at all. In future ill model this and apply a simple texture and let the light do the work of defining the gaps. And the overall darkness is also an issue so i will bear this in mind in the future.