First Blender project complete

Well this is my first bit of work that i have made in blender. I originally used realsoft for model creation. Overall i am not to happy with it since my knowledge isn’t as good as what it is in realsoft.

I posted this in the wip section and got some very decent critiques so i thank those people that have helped me out.

The rendering quality is a bit low but i dont really care. I can’t be arsed to continue with this image anymore.[/img]

Much better than my first. Welcome to the comunity.

Nicely done. The plastic could use a little bit of specularity, but that is all.


i like it but needs higher AO factor to loose that grainyness of it.

I used Realsoft for a while. What did you think of it?
How do you think Blender and Realsoft compare?

The pic is fine. It’s always good to start simple anyway.
It seems neat and precise.

Would have been good with it being slightly more reflective and it would also have been good to see the small glass/plastic cover on the display. But hey - maybe next time.



Thanks for your opinions people. I know it is a very simple bit of work, since it is my first bit of blender work.

@Caleb: i really do prefer realsoft, realsoft is like no other product that i have used. It just feels so much more natural and more effecient to use than blender. The best eature is the fact that you can subdivide one face into quads with out the neighbouring faces turning into triangles, this mean you can have as many vertices as you want per a face.

Both realsoft and blender have their good points. I would say that blender is awesome because it is free software but it really doesn’t suit my needs to well.

How did you make the readouts? It looks great, but the readout really drives it home.