First blender project: dolphin

So I’ve been playing with Blender for a while now and discovered a few things, namely the effectiveness of Subsurf and Extrusion (though I have also found the, “make smooth faces” button :P). So someone’s asked me to make a dolphin. I figured it would be an all right test: basically a sphere with a few extruding limbs. I’ve never tried to make anything, “real” before, mostly just playing with the default cube, so I figured I’d ask here.

As I’m something of a beginner at Blender, I’ve tried to keep it simple: I’ve also played with different modifiers, but for this one, Subsurf and Mirror are the only two I’m really going to use, I think. I started with an 8-point circle have basically used, “E, S, E, E, E” to make it so far, apart from the more complex areas like the side fins (Where I used subdivision: a single subdivision didn’t seem to do it for me, so I used multi-subdivision with only 2 divisions).

Attached is my progress. Like I’ve said, I’m keeping it basic. The sheer lack of a top fin is something I’ll find a way to work around.


You’re off to a good start, although I think a reference image will benefit you in the long run. Currently the body looks a bit too cylinder like.