First Blender Project, Mums House

Hey All,

Im new here so not sure exactly how to conduct myself or format this thread. Basically im new to blender , or rather i haven’t touched it for years and was never very good anyway.

So here i am. Im writing a screenplay and rather like the idea of using green screen in conjunction with Blender to realise some of the Sets. (no models, aliens, creatures, vehicles)
As one of the sets will be a house in an unfamiliar environment i figured id try my hand at modeling a random house. Turns out my mum has blue prints for her house so ive used these .

I have 3 ‘stages’ to show and it is still very much WIP. I would appreciate some advice on all manor of topics. If you think it will help me, throw it my way. The more the merrier.

As a final note i wanted to add that im dancing around the various elements, IE modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering. Just experimenting with lots of things rather randomly. So apologies for the hap hazard presentation. The brick texture is my own work, the roof tiles are a place holder for now.

This is the latest render, ive normal mapped the bricks and started adding windows/glass:

Thank you for reading.

That is quite neat - amazing the difference the textured image provides. I’m also working on a house - mines set in ancient roman times - so I will neat work on some images from this period. I noticed the proportions of the door to windows - and it’s great! Look forward to further updates.

Looks nice. Textures sure do mak a difference.

looking good so far, but why are those textures so blurred? also, are you bump mapping the bricks? would be nice to see extranieous detail like gutters, downpipes and doors in the next update? the upstairs is looking rather nice. i havn’t bothered with the interior of my current building, but you have and thats a good addition.

Nice work indeed. Being in the process of modeling my house, too, I’d like to see the wires.
Also I’m curious to know how you UVmapped the various parts.
Keep it up!

Thank you all for your kind words.

Carroza, i haven’t UV mapped any of build ‘yet’, im hoping i dont have to how ever i know it would greatly improve the look of the textures.

Dvandamme, the textures. I wanted to ask you guys about this. They do look blured the further they are from the camera. Almost like there is some sort of anstophic filtering going on or rather there is a lack of it? The brick texture is indeed bumped/normal mapped. And as ive said before, the roof texture is a place holder. Im now thinking i will model individual tiles and duplicate them over.

The next step is to get all of the windows in place, adjust the roof to better match the real house and make some alterations to the side of the house you see. After speaking to my mum apparently the drawings are wrong, there is only 1 large window and 1 door on the ground floor on this side. A smaller window will go where the small door frame is. More to come soon.

mrmonkah - to model the roof tiles is pretty easy, but would be kinda weighty to the polygon count, perhaps a good idea is to model it, render a normal map out and use that as a texture? your suggestion got me thinking for my roof - i can made a repeating tile set in about 20 poly’s but i have a huge roof so the poly count would not be a good addition to rendering

i can kinda duplicate the blurred textures with excessive OSA, so perhaps that’s happening to your model?

or the other thing that springs to mind, how big are your texture files? if youve got say, 512x2 textures and your rendering to screen res, you’ll be essentially scaling those textures over their native res and might suffer. there should be something to sharpen this but i’ve no idea, i just use bigger textures. my building currenlty has 1 non-repeating 2048x2 texture for the walls and roof, but that might get seperated into two.

Roof and window frames

So ive spend basically the whole day learning about dupliverts, materials and working on the roof. Here is what i have so far:

Reverse Angle

dvandamme - you are right about the high poly count, it is getting a little large. How ever, im not planning on using this house for a game or bigger scene. Im only looking to do some beauty renders of it and use it as a test bed for future projects. Its a great learning experience.

The roof has given me one major problem outside of high poly count. When i dupliverted the tiles i linked the texture to the mesh and not the object. This means i can only alter the texture over large areas of the roof. I had wanted to do random selections of the tiles and slightly change the colour to add to the realism. For more info on this check out my recent post:

Anyway, more to come i am sure.

wow…MASSIVE improvement on the roof - looks very very nice

that roof is a significant improvement…

ive been playing with textures a lot and i think ive found why your textures a blurred… check to see your texture mapping properties have the MIPMAPS button checked… if so, turn this off. it creates a new texture for use at render time that is optimised for when the camera is further away, it’s a memory usuage trick - games use it all the time. dont use this, and it will not create the new fuzzy texture and use the proper large scale one…

maybe that solves your issue.

seeing as those tiles are an instance, do they clog render times or not? if they are stand-alone objects, i would expect a large render increase, but instances shouldn’t…

Kewl improvements!

Hey again Dvandamme, the tiles as best as i can explain them are dupliverted objects and then made ‘real’. I dont know if this means they are instances, probably not.

The render time is clogged a lil bit but its not ‘too’ bad. Something like a minute to render the frame with them all in shot.

Thanks for the tip on the textures, ill check it out later tonight and post the result. I did try turning down the OSA and even turning it off… looked B.A.D!

Dvandamme, you mind if i send you some questions through the messaging service if and when i hit a spot of bother? I appreciate your help and input very much.

Oh and on a final note for the tiles, i am going to re-do them to suit my parents house, these are far to ‘spanish’ for a house in the middle of the English country side. Our tiles have Moss on them for instance. How could i randomly assign moss to these do you think??

mrmonkah - yeah, send msgs if you want, im not a blender expert though :smiley: not at all. i just have all day to work on it… its good to keep pace with another similar project - hence my attention

the duplivert is ment to be an instancing function (afaik) so i can only assume that you’ve collapsed the structure and made them either lots of little seperate objects or a gigantic mesh. either way, that will definitely impact your render… but a minute is rather quick enough to not get too bored. - 2 minutes is long enough to make a cup of tea after all
the moss could be either a texture layered on top(easy) or a a particle effect(no idea). moss isn’t really random though, it grows out whereever the (seed?) lands so you can paint that up…

Yeah i collapsed the tiles into individual objects HOWEVER, they all belong to the same mesh, which was giving me problems on the texturing side of things. (Bulk texturing = pain in the ass)

Got a few more things to sort on the exterior before i add the downpipes and doors etc. Should look good hopefully. Not sure to what extent ill take the inside, i may just focus on one room for a beauty render.

it may be woefully obvious, but you dont need to make the interior actually inside the building you’ve got… you can make it in a seperate scene and it will be sooo much simpler. im used to making every single object a seperate file in my old job but thats not normally the case.
yes, bulk texturing large areas is very painful - and the textures end up being too large. i some how had a 1 GB multi-layered .gimp file yesterday

Hey all,

Improved the tiles, or at least re-made them and put them to the appropriate colour. Now all i need is moss!

Not sure its a vast improvement what with my limited texture know how. Ideally id like to add much more noise and bump to the tiles because they are very coarse. Not sure whey it isn’t showing up, ive done the obvious and mapped a ‘texture’ to the ‘normal’ channel.

Anyway, next port of call is adjusting and tampering with the front side of the house. Chheck back soon.

mrmonkah - might i suggest trying to bump a test object? its way easier to concentrate if your only looking a a cube and a plane to see if your mutlilayer textures are working, then you can apply your new knowledge to the undoubtly much more complex real project…

Kwl! Blender internal render or external?

Thats a good idea Dvandamme. Dark-Myth, this is an internal blender render. I presume external render means using something like Yafaray?

I also have another update. Ive dismissed creating procedural textures in blender, i just cant get my head around it all. The normal maps look plastic, the noise looks bad and and getting photorealistic results is proving difficult. Alas, i have opted for using an ‘image’ by its self to texture the roof tile. A simple concrete texture i have.

Next up im going to finish off the windows and other roof areas. Additional external detailing, vents, chimeny, doors, handles etc. And finaly get the ‘grounds’ acceptable for a final render.

MrMonkah, for my little experience you will have more photorealistic results easily with external render engines, like Yaf(a)ray or LuxRender.
Blender internal render engine must be tweaked A LOT to look photorealistic.
Just my opinion, obviously.