First blender render - help with lighting and floor please

This is my first ever blender scene, i followed Andrew Prices tutorial. I am using cycles renderer so I needed to learn a lot outside of the tutorial. I am not happy with the light in general and the floor. I had to make it bright so it was not noisy. I want to add some reflection to the floor to look like water. Is my scene to bright? I am using 3000 samples, i have done many tests with different light mesh in different places. This is the best one I have done yet.

I would add some clamping to the render so you get less noise and can turn down the lights.
as for the water reflections mix a glossy that is influenced by the texture to control what is reflective and what is not.

Here are a few things you can work on:

Model some lamps to enclose the lights.
The texture of the tunnel appears to be stretched.
Give the tunnel a bump map.
The scale of all the textures needs to be adjusted.

Hey thanks for the advice, I have added a glossy shader and I’m using a ramp to control the reflection, now I have nice looking water.

Well what can I say, I have done exactly what you suggested. I added some geometry around my lights and I have been looking at tutorials on textures. I needed to adjust all the UV maps and their vertices. What do you think now? This is a massive improvement thank you very much for helping me to improve my first blender project. It has taken me most of the day to get this far but I am learning a lot now.

Take overall scene brightness and lower it (can be done in gimp or with compositor) Add a mist pass (don’t over do it) Make some of the lights burned out. Rails too clean…just some thoughts

Thanks for you comments, I’ll checkout the mist in compositor and address the rails, really appreciate your help.