First Blender Renders

Hey! I’m new to Blender having workwed with maya before (and still do in school) but feeling it would be stupid to pay for a maya licence when Blender seems to have the features i personaly need. Anyway here are a couple of my first test renders. Hope you like them :smiley: ! All the models are from makehuman.


Welcome to elysiun! can’t really tell what the models are though. maybe try more lighting?

Interesting. Always wanted to make something in “night neon” colors myself, ut I’m currently not at all that good and too busy.

PS. never never drink vodka with the girl you love and want desperately without a single chance… Makes it hard to hit correct keys. :expressionless:

I like these, we all often tend to be so absorbed with creating ‘realism’ we forget art! I know I am guilty of this. Like your style! :smiley: