First Blender stuff

I recently start to use Blender, here are some works I do. This are more practice, like all novices I struggle with ( probably ), basic stuff.

On this picture I have problem with foil transparency… so I trash foil…

and some other tests

obligatory planet :wink:

more works on


You call that amateur work? That looks like you’ve been doing 3D for at least three years now.

Well I say that I’m new in Blender :slightly_smiling_face: Changing software is not s easy and fast. There are zillion little things which you must learn. Basic are same for all 3D software, but “details” are very different.

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I figured as much, but the way you worded it was confusing. I figured you were either previously comfortable with 3D work, or a rare prodigy.

Either way, excellent work.

Impressive, you sure got a talent!

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