First #BlenderSkool seminar, be there

(lerpiedood) #1

Thats right! This sunday, 11/24/02 ScottishPig will be doing a seminar in #BlenderSkool on using envmaps and bump maps to make realistic water. The time of the seminar is 6pm EST(Eastern Standard Time). I wanna see alot of students at this seminar, so mark it down and plan for it. BlenderSkool website is for more info.

(dreamsgate) #2

do I have to have mIRC or equivalent program to join BlenderSkool? or can I get in from blenderchat link here on elysiun?

(Enzoblue) #3

You’ll need mirC, it’s easy. Get it here:

(dreamsgate) #4

got it, pushed alot of buttons, luckily it’s idiot proof… and now I’m all set up.

hehe, now I can join blenderchat even if the chatroom here is down.

yeah for idiot proof programs!

(9) #5

EST = GMT-5 is that correct?

(snowy_duck) #6

hmmm i’m on the minnesota side of the minnesota wisconisn border. the wisconisn download should be fine right?

when is it for eastern central time? oh and i quote “nothing is idiot proof, idiots are to smart”

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Don’t forget to bump this thread with a reminder Sunday morning… many of us are absent minded… or is it just me?


(adyus) #9

i’d REALLY like to be there, but only if someone calculates the Tokyo time corresponding to the starting time in EST. I think (I’m not sure though) that Japan is 8 hours over GMT( Bucharest is 6 hours backwards from Japan, and 2 hours forward to GMT=8 hours???). I’m really confused :frowning: :o

(cohort) #10

just make sure it gets posted to the website like it says yer gonna for those who can’t make it :slight_smile:

(IMProvisar) #11

You should be able to figure it out at I’ve lived in Guam, Japan, and Hawaii… with family back here in Alabama it’s been very useful. You can even set up a personalized world clock showing all the time zones you want. :slight_smile:


(adyus) #12

thanks…but no thanks. I just realised (using the site you provided :wink: ) that the seminar is on Monday local time at 8 in the morning. Some of us have school then, you know :frowning: . I hope it will be postd on the official site for all of us who can’t attend.

(IMProvisar) #13

Prolly not on Elysiun, but I’m sure a transcript will be posted on the Blender Skool site.


(Hoxolotl) #14

Yaay, what a birthday present for me :slight_smile:

I’ll try to drop in… 6pm EST= 1gmt? =? 0:00 Amsterdam/Paris time?
Outch… :o
Oh well I’ll be sleeping by then with pie and chinese in my stomach. 8)

(cohort) #15

Prolly not on Elysiun, but I’m sure a transcript will be posted on the Blender Skool site.

Well, that would be the official site, wouldn’t it? :wink:

(lerpiedood) #16

Sorry for those who are not able to attend. It would be hard for me to convert the time to other countries out of US, but in the US it’s 6EST then 5 CST then 4 Mountain time then 3 pacific time. Yes the chat will be transcripted and posted for those who missed it @ the blenderskool website. Also don’t feel so bad about missing it because there will be alot of seminars coming up so stay tuned.

As for the website, I know its pretty cheep. But hey I threw it together in about an hour. But I have designed an uber-cool new web design for my site which will easily integrate all the features.

(lerpiedood) #17

Well today is sunday, and the seminar is in an hour. So all who can please attend!