First Blending...

My first real work in 3D -

I’d greatly appreciate any comment for this, it’s just a very simple scene but I’m very interested in your thoughts about the tiles (I had a hard time to get the wanted 3D Bump effect O_o ). In general it was very hard for me to get all the lights and textures in the way I wanted them.
So, I hope you leave many comments so that I can improve the image (I’m sure there are a lot of thins which could be better =/ ).

hey that is really cute! love it! perhaps you could figure out how to use the zblur or mblur function and add some depth of field (DOF)! i think it is a very promising image. I didn’t really read through the text but i know you said something about bump map - and if you were saying that it would make it better - it would be nice to have the smilie faces bumped off the spheres! just add a second channel mapped to the nor value and no color then have the colored version in the col channel! it will look great!

keep it up and nice blend! :wink:

Yeah, true, the faces could be bumped…that’s a very nice idea, I’ll surely try that.
And I’m glad that the first reply is so kind, that’s exactly what I need after some hours spent on setting up that extremely simple scene ^^;

i know what you mean! i never like to give the bad news first! i rather encourage new comers rather than just point out the stuff that is obviously wrong! plus you know it can be improved but you learn those techniques for future projects! keep it up! :wink:

New Version 1.0 >>

Added a subtle bump to the faces (maybe a little bit too subtle) and blurred the background a bit - I actually think that these changes increased the image quality =)

Very simple and yet very cute image. Nice job :slight_smile:

:smiley: That’s pretty cool.

that’s really cute for a first post !!!