First Blood (with newer system)

I got a faster system with more memory a little while ago and am now relearning things to take advantage of the speed and memory. ( nothing major just a dual core amd clocked at 2.4 and 2 gigs)

This was mainly to test liquid interaction with a complex mesh barrier object
I think it looks more like melted wax than blood. Any ideas would be welcome.

that link is to my blog, which is in turn hosting the video on amazon. I would also like to see if there are any bandwidth issues.

Thank you so much.

¡¡¡ I need more processing power!!!

Syque, and I mean that in the nicest possible way!

So how long did this take to render? Just out of curiosity, what resolution did you use because that interaction looks great to me!

I hear you. I need more too. Until very recently my stuff was being done on a 1.6 Ghz G4 with about 700Megs of ram. It was fun but when I got the newer PC I realized how much my animation had been limited by my machine. It runs a bit faster in Linux but this was done running windows XP.

So, now I have my eye on Quads or higher and faster clock speeds. And I really need more ram because the resolution of the simulations is ram-dependent.

I wish I could tell you. I don’t think I have the blend file anymore and I have been playing around since then and I don’t really know. I suspect that the resolution was between 100 and 150. I found a modified blend file and it is 150, but I’m pretty sure the original was lower.

Rendering time was very short. Maybe fifteen seconds per frame. This is a left-over habit from when I had very slow machines (Amigas and such) I tend to automatically optimize all my stuff to render really fast. (buffered shadows, no ray tracing, baking textures and such.)

Oh I think the original simulation baking was about a half an hour or so. But I’m really guessing because once I get it tested and acting like I want, then I crank up the resolution for the final and go do something else while it bakes.

Doesn’t look like blood though.I imagine blood to be a dense and hard moving liquid,though such quantities could move more like water ,I’m not sure :smiley: Try adding some sub surface scattering, and making it move a bit slower.