First BMRT Render

(BgDM) #1

This is my first external render, (that looks half ass decent anyway), with the Blenderman export script from Green. Rendered in BMRT.

As a comparison, this was the Blender Radiosity render that I posted in the WIP section a while back.

Can anyone explain why BMRT gets that grainy look to it? I don’t like it at all. Is there a way to get rid of this? (I know, read the manual you dumb ass :wink: ).


(S68) #2

Cool, I do remember you last post on this :slight_smile:

Looks great :wink:


(theeth) #3

I kinda like the Blender version better. the lighting is softer… :-?

About the grainy look, I think this is typically BMRTish.


(BgDM) #4

Thanks guys!

theeth: yeah, Blender’s radiosity is nice. Always looks very good. However, you do get some weird patches on the mesh when you do it for some reason. Don’t know why. Any explanation on this?

Now to figure out how to apply the shaders. :o


(Goofster) #5

ARGH! now we have to call you BgDMBMRT!

looks nice. I kinda like that noisy effect, I guess I want to see some flaws in a pic :slight_smile:


(eeshlo) #6

The noise is caused by the rendering method BMRT used, it is not exclusive to BMRT. To decrease it, increase the steps value if you use ‘area’, and for smoother results, use ‘indirect’, also increasing ‘steps’ and decreasing MPixelDis & MaxError for more smoothness. But like Goofster, I usually prefer some noisyness or other imperfections, to me it makes things look much more realistic. I actually created a sequence plugin to make Blender pictures look ‘worse’…

(theeth) #7

I don’t remember that one, do you care to share it with us?