First Bug in 2.48x64 Windows found.

I think i´ve encountered the first bug. Maybe someone can confirm.
I am unable to make a Render with a backbuffer Image.

Official 2.48x64 Win
MSVSC++ updated.

Works just fine with the same file in 2.47x32 and 2.38x32 for me.

Good morning,

too bad that you didn’t test the Win64 test builds before to report that.

But I also cannot redo that. It works just fine with a jpg image on Vista64.

Please specify what image type you are using - blend file would be nice too

Thank you very much (I am impressed that it works on XP64 anyway since that is untested + had reported crashs).


The BBI is a .gif and linked with relative path
I cant supply this blend… NDA :slight_smile:
Ill try with another format as well with another blend file.
I also try to make a blend reproducing the prob.

Well you wouldn’ tbe the first sending me NDA blend files. Official Blender developers get that more often because studios want instant bugfix/feedback.

I will check with some gif file - Give me a minute


Brecht just informed me that Quicktime handles the gif import. Since the win64 version is not compiled with the QuickTime SDK (no 64bit version there AFAIK), there is no GIF handling.

Thanks for reporting.

i found out something else:

BBI with transparency:
.tga .png show no transparency when set to “sky”
[.gif does not show up at all.] solved -> quicktime lib, see post above

And there is no need to hurry, eventhough i apreciate it. It isn´t imperative for my work at the moment.
I just noticed it, because i use BBIs as positioning mask for the renders.
It´s like the good old Civilization style… Isometric with surface fields and the buildings are “sprites” (yeah i am from the C64 aera) to be overlayed. and i load the surface as BBI to have a nice feedback if the building fits the landscape and if it sits where it should.

Works perfectly in 2.48x32 so i simply stick with this one by now :smiley: