First "By myself" model

This is the first scene I have made without a tutorial, what do you think I could improve, and how (The two things I see are bad are the horse and the chess table. I know the wood it is horrible, any suggestions on how to fix that/make that would be appreciated, and I am not happy with the knight (horse) model) and comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

Here I made it with glass instead of wood.

I like the colors on your board in the first picture, but you should make the grain of the woods go different directions, so as to “break it up a bit”

Nice idea, I will get to that eventually.

Heres a few things you could improve:

  • Use either imagine map or UV map on the board to get a better wooden looking texture. Or you could do one of those marble chess sets.

  • Likewise for the chess pieces.

  • try and make a scene with the chess bored eg. put it in a room and light it or put it on a table.

  • can try compositing it in other imaging software (eg. GIMP(Free likes yours truely BLENDER) Photoshop (PRICEY but worth it i think) )

  • I think the tables a bit too sharp needs a bit of bevelling (W key will bring bevel up) might need to tweak it a bit to get it right. (After all most objects in the real world have some sort of BEVELING).

Move and turn the pieces a bit so they look placed down naturally instead of smack in the middle of the squares at perfect right angles.

Why does people who start working with 3D have an extreme need of making chess sets?

cause chess is cool! 8)