first camera track in tomato

ok this is my first try at this.
i know what you are going to say the hole was in the ground be for you started…
sorry is was just a proof of concept for me.
every thing was done in blender 2.58

Good track with no sliding. Some reflections and shodows would have really sold it, and maybe a tentacle crawling up the hole?

wow that was really awesome ! just patch that hole though :wink:

good track. but there is no dust, fire or smoke at all.
besides audience is not prepared for this burst. Make 1-2 second quite and calm and then explode it.

that looked awesome. howd you make that scene look like it was in real life

I’ve been looking for the tomato tracker thing in the Blender built-in addons… no success yet. Anyone know where to find it? Anyways, really nice tracking, really precise.

It’s a development branch, you can get a build for your OS at

Thanks a bunch!

It works well as a proof-of-concept. Very nice.