first car attempt

Yes its another one.Im not trying to compete.This is also my first CAR.Ive done many other models.Blender internal+AO.+Envmap.
I know theres not much but later on,or now, please C&C.[/img]

cant crit much this time,but i like TTs,so i will look this thread.
keep on working.


Good job so far. I would turn AO up to 16 samples, but other than that, there’s not much to crit at this stage in development.

Good luck and keep us posted on the progress,


I’m not gonna be too critical here cause I know from experience car modeling is dificult…

the tire texture needs improvement and the model needs to be smoothed out better… but overall its a nice start…


I know it doesnt look good i’ll make it look better.

no offense or anything of the sort, but the whole thing looks as though it has been hit a few hundred times with a bat. looks good overall though :-?

Very true.especially the windshield.Once again this is MY FIRST CAR[/b]

OK i fixed it. i think. tell me what i should fix.should i get rid of the envmap.i like it on the car and headlight.anyways heres an update/

Im pretty much done c&c it i guess. i’ll give you some different angles in a bit

Just to let you know i didnt look at these before i posted i am C&C…ing myself too.

Looks really good, but down the middle there’s a line running down it, you can get rid of it by selecting the two vertices opposite each other, and press Alt-M, and when your done it might look even worse, but you can fix it by highlighting all the vertices and pressing Ctrl-N. If you didn’t understand wtf I just said: Sorry, I’m not very good at explaining.