First car - Chevrolet 1969 Opala

Hi guys. This is my first serious attempt at creating/modelling a car. Let me know your thoughts.


It’s really nice, except (isn’t there always a “but”) the wheel rims need some grunge. They are just too clean and shiny.

EDIT: Make that all of the chrome - give it some grunge on the reflection, please.

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Thank you. I am very new to 3D design and Blender is my first experience with it and I am loving it. I will defo try my hand at toning down the chrome with a duller grunge look and post my render.

It’s a learning curve, and one of the best first lessons is, in the real world, nothing is perfect, and it’s those imperfections that give realism to renders. For a starter, watch this for adding smudgy and other imperfections.
EDIT: For info - ignore the whole load of crap about PBR. The principled shader will do all that for you.

Very nice - I thought opala was a mis-spelling, but thanks to google I had not realized they were even made in Brazil. Just too bad they did not come with the HIGH horsepower options we had here (USA)
I disagree with ‘grunging’ it up though - it looks like a show room car.
You just need a L-71/72 (427) and an M-21/22 to drop in it :checkered_flag: :checkered_flag:

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Thanks a lot buddy. I will try this tonight and see how it looks and upload it if I get it right…ish :smile:

Thank you. I must admit I was a bit nervous with this being my first post. I am encouraged by the comments so far and hope to learn a lot from you guys. Whats a L-71/72 and M-21/22? I did a quick search on google and it came up with more cars (Scotland)

L-72 = big block chevy 427, solid cam, square port heads, 4 barrel carb
L-71 = same but with 3 x 2 barrel carbs
M-22 = muncie 4 speed trans, straight cut gears (A.K.A. - rock crusher)
M -21 = same but had helical cut gears.

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With all due respect, it’s a model of a new or cherry Opala, not one that’s been in a parking garage oxidizing away for the last 50 years. Therefore, no grunge is necessary nor wanted.

If anything, @GomenSan, get rid of those signs! They detract from the scene! :laughing:

A car can be 5 minutes off the production line and reflective surfaces will not be unblemished.

I do love American cars and I have been trying to learn more about them and how to identify etc, even more so now I am Blending :joy:
Thanks for the info mate :+1:

Hi guys. I was going for the newish or well looked after look. My thoughts as I was creating it was of an old car that had been restored. That then led me to thinking about creating a few cars and then maybe, once I had enough, do an animation of a classic car show event or something. Tell me your thoughts on that one please. I have a lot to learn about texturing so I will defo try the Grunge style shader even if only for practise. My main focus was to hone in on my modelling and to get a nice flow to the mesh for the lighting and get a basic grasp of texturing.
Cheers everyone!

Hey, I really like your idea, maybe a drag strip enviorment. You have totally peaked my interest, I was born a gear head. This one is my request - I would buy it in a New York minute , best wishes.

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@ajcdfin that '75 coupe is a beauty. I’m glad my idea has got you going for a new project so let me know if you do any. Inspiration often just happens unintended but you’ve made my day. As for me, I am working on a new car as we speak. The one above and the one I am working on are obviously not monsters in any way but I love the styling of the older cars. The new car should remain anon for now lol in the hope people will be curious enough to come back :joy: All I will say is that it IS another Chevy.
Also I am trying to create old classics that I haven’t seen many people doing. Anyway cheers my friend and good luck on the drag race but if you want me to do that then just give me time to build up my car collection. I’ve only been using Blender a few months and so far I only have 1 which only has 3 gears!!! :joy:.

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Thanks mate. I am working on a different BG and just for “s and giggles” I will be trying to trash it up a little. So much to learn. Am thinking about making a ref guide for myself for node configurations so that if I want a specific look, Clean, Grunge, etc I can just flick through my notepad. Save me a lot of work and headache in the near future.