First car model attempt, some progress

Being inspired by some tech news and some online tutorials, I started my first car model yesterday.
I’m using the “viewport background” method.
It is a nice staring point to get the dimensions right, but it is the ‘curves in between’ that make it tough.
Nice learning curve for me :spin:

Making some progress, the wheels turned out quite well I guess.
Still a lot of details to go …
And yes: it is floating …

The problem with modeling cars is that the blueprints are rarely accurate.

You should probably learn about topology flow before taking on a car since it heavily effects the shape of the car.

Thanks DCBloodHound,

Yesterday I watched a tutorial that stressed the importance of maintaining good topology.

That was an eye opener, especially how a correct topology allows you to easily add loop cuts later on and makes sub-surfacing behave better.
With my (almost backwards) approach I ran into trouble around intakes and wheelbases .

The wheels I modeled separately and there I actually did maintain a good topology

In this case I only had 3 photographs (front, back and right), no actual blueprint. There was also some perspective in the photographs, which does not help.

Learning every day

I did some (well, from scratch, actually) topology work and although this is an ongoing process, made some progress:

By the way: doe anyone who know why this is happening:

I actually linked the wheels from a separate blend.
Now I tried to darken the material for the metal, it does not allow this from this blend (which is logical since it was linked from another blend).
But … I adjusted the material in the other blend, save it and return to this blend and those changes do not appear in this blend where the links are used.
Am I doing something wrong?
Originally I just linked the objects, assuming that the materials were linked as well (initially they appeared to be)…

Hi, I did test that today (linking .blend) and it works for me, including materials. Are you sure you use the same rendering engine in each one ? Also try to close a file before opening the other ? I’m noob to linking files but I should work.

i use cycles in both, so that should be OK, I also have one file open at the time …
I must say, I started using 2.74 today, so that might have to do with it …