First Car model - modified BMW

I am looking for some Critics on my first car.
Not much more to say, here are the pics.

btw, the model is based on the Z3.

Hmm, well the model is quite bumpy, and for normal, cars have a quite clean surface.
If you would upload a wireframe image, people could help you much easier

Here are two newer Screenshots.
How do i take screenshots from inside blender (not in render) ?
As soon as i know i will upload i wireframe too.

Press Ctrl+Print, then go in an image editting program of your choice (take the Gimp, it´s for free)
make a new image and press Ctrl+V

Greatz Michael

Ok, i’ll do that as soon as i can.
What do you think of the newer pictures?

So, here are the wireframes. I don’t know from which angles you want them but here you go.

Hmm … your mesh is not looking very good. You have too many vertices and you seem to not know anything about “edge loops”.

Look at this tutorial (not for blender):

and see how a car mesh should look like.

Here is a thread
showing a very good BMW model done in blender.

Try to search the net for “edge loops” and try to understand what an edge loop is and how it can help your modelling

Well, what can i say?
It is true that i don’t now anything about Edge loops. I heard of them.
I never modelled a car, this is actually my 4th or 5th model that i do seriously.
I can understand that it sucked but you didn’t have to be so harsh.
It is not that i took any offence, it was just that that i was pretty satisfied with it and confident about it.
Wasted happiness then. But how should i continue?
Or not continue at all?
I am not giving orders and i understand that you maybe didn’t want to sound as cold as you did but i’d love to hear a bit more constructive critism.
I maybe ain’t sounding so kind in this post too. I am in a bit of shock as i write.
But i know that you are right, i’ve seen your and Sonix’s cars.

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Well, this was really a bit too hard by cipix.

Whatever, take it as a motivation and keep on modeling :slight_smile:
I don’t think it’s as bad as cipix said but you should now try to get a clean topology.

Sorry, but i don’t know what “topology” means.
Is it how the faces are placed?
I’ve heard it a lot of times but i don’t quite understand it.
But thanks, neablo

Hey Juggler, it sounds like you did take offense. Cipix wasn’t being harsh at all . . . just honest about his opinion. He never said “that it sucked”. He said that “your mesh is not looking very good.” That doesn’t mean it’s not good at all, just needs work.

His criticism was totally constructive . . . he pointed out a specific problem and offered suggestions & references to help you out.

So swallow your pride and finish the project. I’m sure it will turn out fine (esp. if you let people help you, instead of expecting perfection on your part & ego-stroking from others).


Cough What a great conversation we are having, folks! cough

I am sorry then.
My english isn’t really what i want it to be like.
I am 14 years old and i live in Sweden so our english education is pretty limited. I might have gotten it all wrong just because i don’t really understand the complete language. Now that i read Cipix’s post over i agree with you, Cire.
He wasn’t harsh.

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Hey Juggler. Please don’t take offense at my crits.

It’s normal for the first models to not be very good, mine were worse than yours.

I was just pointing what is wrong with your mesh. I will gladly help you progress with modelling if you show signs that you take the advice given to you seriously.

One of the big steps in the lerning process is to look at other people models and try to understand how they are modelling and why they are modelling that way then try to reproduce what you’ve learnt.

This is Focused Critique forum. Have you read the Focused critique rules ?
Here they are:

And BTW, your english is fine

I would start by getting a blueprint for the car that I want to model, for example one from

Set-up blender with these blueprints in the background (video tutorial here:

Then I would start modelling.

Show us your progress.

Cipix, i didn’t take offence by your crits, i don’t know why i got so angry.
I read your post over and then my post and it seems that i was the jackass here.
But yeah, i think i’ll need a lot of help and i’ll gladly accept any support from you.
The one thing i noticed on the BMW 5 series model you showed was that the faces were much more straightly aligned, almost like a grid.
I figured how i’ll redo the car;
First, in side view create all edges that are shown in the blueprint.
Then, by using Top and front view bend the edges into the shape that they should be. Then use the Mirror modifier.
The blueprint i was using had no Top view of the car.
I would have read the .pdf i got from you already but i just reformatted my PC and i haven’t been able to set up Photoshop or any other Adobe software (Acrobat Reader).
Should i redo the whole me from scratch or just delete a face and then do a correct one, etc. etc.?
I can’t really decide myself since both options are as bad. If i start replacing and redoing faces i will still have to redo almost every bit.
But i think i’ll do a new from scratch with other blueprints.
Going to visit that website now.
I know this didn’t start off very well but thank you.

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Ooop, i forgot to ask, why is it so important that the faces look like in the BMW-5 wireframe and not like mine (no order) when it looks fine in Object mode and render (It maybe didn’t)?


It’s important for a model to have as few vertices as possible.

This is because it much easier to work with a few vertices than with a lot of redundant verticles. It’s also easier to get a smooth shape with a few vertices than with a lot of vertices.

Here comes the talk about topology and edge looping. A good topology of the mesh with proper edge loops allows you to get “more shape” with less vertices.

How to get a good mesh topology? There is no easy answer to that. You basically need to train yourself to model with good topology by looking at other people models (the good ones), read all you can about topology and edge loops and experiment with your own models.

You need to understand how a Catmull-Clark subdivision surface works and how you can control it to get sharp edges/corners attached to a smooth surface (that’s basically how the car panels look).

The first exercise I propose to you is to try to model a subsurfed cube with sharp edges and corners (take this as a challenge, please try it and show me that you can do that).

I’ll try to make that cube.
Just a hint, should i use crease(Shift+E)?
I just took a look (that rhymes!) at another car in progress on these forums, there was i wireframe of the car and i compared my edges to his.
His faces were much more like a grid. Does this have to do with how the Catmull-Clark equates (sp?) the smoothing?
To make edge loops, should i use the loop/Cut tool?
But i’ll put the car aside for now and try to do that cube.

Phew, i’m back now.
I copied the screenshot into paint and painted in red so you can easily see that i used subsurf but my render was straight.
Not sure if this is what you meant though.

A wire would be nice :slight_smile:

I was thinking of a solution without edge crease.