First car model. Skoda favorit from 80/90's.

I got back to blender few days ago and finished my third model. Its one of the easiest to do. Thaks god cars were so “edgy” back in 80’s:) Rndered in bledner internal… Ill have to learn how to use indigo eventually. If you have something to say people, say it please. Thanks. cestmir.



nice modelling but underexposed lighting. add some subsurp to minimize edges.:yes:

Can you tell me how you did the head-lamp? They look quite good. I also agree with Camotech that you need more light to present the model better :slight_smile: Nice work.

Think you could render a nice slow turn table of this model, instead of the fast paced zooming fly around you have up now? I felt like I was on an amusement park ride while watching the video LOL.

Thank you all for comments. I’ll give it another try to make brighter render. I agree with DichotomyMatt. You can get sick easily, watching this… i dont like this “animation” much as well:). It was very first animation i did and i didnt want to render it all again, Its just to show model from all angles.
And the lamps… its of two parts as the real lamp. Theres the thing that reflects the light from bulbs forward and the glass cover (transparent material with UV map with black lines set as bump map that refract the light). Simple but looks good rendered.
Thanks again for your lines. i may come back with (hopefully) better render.


I really like it, especially the lenses

I’ve been doing graphics for a free racing game called vdrift and your car model would be a great addition to it if you don’t mind releasing it under the GPL. Please check out our site or send me a message if you’re interested

It does look quite good, you should consider better lightning to show more… It feels like you are hiding something on the model.

Thanks for explaining the headlamp, such a simple idea that I didn’t think of.
Looking orward to seeing the next render :smiley:

One last render of this model. Not too much detail in it.


Really like it. Only crit is in the first set of renders the red one seems way to glossy to me. Especially seeings at it appears to be in the dark. But the orange render looks good.

quit a nice clean model````maybe add a HDR map in the word texture will work out much better~~

Thanks fo comments.
Im still new to blender. I ll have to look at that HDR map thing. Dont know how to use it really. Another thing to learn.

Nice and simple, very effective.