First car model

OK,this is my first car model that i try to do. It is supposed to be a lamborgini gallardo. I need a lot more to work but here is my progres after around 3 hours. C%C are welcome

Hey, thats lookin pretty good! Im not much of a car designer, but this is quite well designed! keep it up!

Lamps and proper lighting are your friends.

Not saying you are, but remember, most people hide bad models in the darkness. Its like they try to show as little of the model as possible with shadows and the dark void of emptiness.

I like the model from what I can see. I know cars are pretty hard to get just right. Looks like your on the right track.

Thanks for the replays
I didnt make a dark render to hide my errors in the model . I want to make it possible for everyone to see the imperfections in the model that maybe i dont see.I dont want to say that i dont see any imperfections now,i see a lot of them:mad: . I worked on the back part of the car and added temprary tires, and i also raised the GI to 2.5 so it is easyer to se the detail

Update :

nice vinyls you have there, but…
there are so many dents in the car body you have to get rid of.
the front looks ok, but at the point where the fender meets the bonnet is a big dent…looks like too many triangles?!
try to avoid tris, because the cause bad problems combined with the subdivision modifier.
you also need more hard edges with loopcuts/edge loops, you know? if not ask me :wink:
I made a few car models, also a gallardo besides others, maybe i can show you some tricks, just tell me what your problems are.

besides all this…the model is okay, just needs some tweaking :wink:
greets chop

Thanks for the replay chop_suey. I returned to the clasic yellow color for the car.And i also added the side mirrors and i tried to correct all the dents in the mesh

Overall this looks pretty nice. I really like the material and the tribal art. I think though that you still have several spots on the body that need some work. If you can smooth out these dents the model would look much better. Also try to get a smoother transition from the door to the main body.
These seem to be the most obvious spots where something strange is going on. Perhaps you could post some wires to show the topology.

The wheels look really nice.

Thanks for pointing out that spots on the car ,i will try to correct them